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Broadcast log reconciliation, automatic or manual invoice creation, custom templates, multi-station invoicing and many more...

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AdBiller Free Invoicing Tool - Log Reconciliation

Broadcast log reconciliation

AdBiller reconciles your broadcast logs, locating the dates and times of the commercials. The reconciled data are used for preparing the broadcast reports (affidavits) and invoices.

AdBiller Free Invoicing Tool - Invoice


The invoice items are automatically retrieved from the broadcast logs, and you can manually add the custom items such as production, sponsorships, promotions, etc. 

AdBiller Free Invoicing Tool - Advertising rate card

Advertising rate card

The pricing models per second, per spot, per campaign, and the monthly flat rates are available. The advanced configuration allows the dayparting down to the tiniest detail.

AdBiller Free Invoicing Tool - Discounts


Several different levels of discounting are available (per invoice item, per total sum, per customer) and each of them can be configured separately.

AdBiller Free Invoicing Tool - Broadcast reports

Broadcast reports/ affidavits

The broadcast reports, customized according to your needs, can be attached to each invoice, or created as the separate documents. 

AdBiller Free Invoicing Tool - Custom templates

Custom templates

Both invoice and broadcast report templates can be customized with your station logo, custom fonts and colors to match your brand identity.

AdBiller Free Invoicing Tool - AdMaster integration

Integration with AdMaster

AdBiller has been created as the add-on for AdMaster, a powerful traffic scheduling tool. To find out more and download the free trial version, visit the AdMaster website.

AdBiller Free Invoicing Tool - Multi-OS Compatibility

Multi-OS compatibility

AdBiller is a browser-based application that require no installation of any kind. It will work on any operating system, on any device (desktop or laptop PC, tablet, smartphone).

AdBiller Free Invoicing Tool - No Limitations

No limitations

Using a single account, you can work from any location to manage the invoicing for the unlimited number of customers, agencies  and radio/television stations.

AdBiller Free Invoicing Tool - Multi Currency

Works with any currency

Set any currency symbol and configure the decimal places, dates and numbers according to your legislation and needs.

AdBiller Free Invoicing Tool - VAT Ready

VAT ready

You can configure two separate tax models to apply to the invoice items, or to the total sum. The advanced settings are also available. 

AdBiller Free Invoicing Tool - PDF Documents

PDF documents

The invoices and broadcast reports (affidavits of performance) are created in PDF format in US Letter or A4 International document layout.

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