AdBilller advertisements removal


If you are a licensed AdMaster user, please do not make any purchases here. The AdBiller advertisements removal is included to your AdMaster license price, and you shouldn't see any AdBiller ads in your document templates. 

For the payment of a monthly or annual fee, the AdBiller advertisements will be removed from your document templates for the limited period of time. 

Once you make the purchase, the AdBiller ads will be removed from your document templates. You would not be granted any additional rights other than ones that you've already been granted in the Terms and conditions. 

No refunds of any kind are available once you make the purchase, for whatever reason, including but not limited to the accidental purchases.

Upon purchasing the Advertisements removal, the AdBiller ads will be removed from the Broadcast report and Invoice templates for one station (of your choice) created in your AdBiller account. To have the ads removed from the templates for all stations from your account, you need to purchase the correspondent number of ads removal upgrade. The progressive multi-station discount will appear automatically.

Once you make the purchase, we'll have the advertisement messages removed from your document templates as soon as possible. Depending on your time zone, you may need up to 24 hours for the changes to appear in your AdBiller account. 

Clicking one of the purchase links below take you to the secured purchase page maintained by our payment processing provider MyCommerce/Share-It!. To make the purchase, you will be required to read and accept their Terms and conditions. Please make sure that you read everything carefully.

You would then be asked to select the payment method (Pay Pal, Credit card; depending on your country of residence, wire transfer or the additional payment methods may also be available), and you would be able to print any necessary documents as a proof of purchase (such as invoices).

Once the purchase is completed, you will receive the confirmation email, and we'll receive the notification to remove the advertisements from your document templates. In case your selected payment method is not instant (such as wire transfer), your purchase will be completed after the payment is received. 

MyCommerce/Share-It! is an e-commerce service provided by Digital River company. They collect the payments securely, and transfer them to us. The credit card processing is secured, automated and we never have any access to your credit card details. Your contact details are guaranteed to be kept private. In most cases, the credit card order processing is usually automatic and instant, but sometimes can be delayed up to 24 hours, if manual intervention is required.

All the prices on our website are displayed in EUR currency. On the order page, you would be able to see the prices in your currency, converted according to daily exchange rates determined by MyCommerce/Share-it!.

The license prices are subject to VAT and other taxes applicable to digitally downloadable product/services, in order to be compliant with the legal requirements in your country. The taxes, if applicable, are added automatically on the checkout page. The VAT customers will automatically receive the tax deductible VAT invoice. The invoices are generated and sent immediately after the purchase, to the e-mail address specified within the purchase process.

Advertisement removal pricing:


The AdBiller advertisements will be removed from the Broadcast report and invoice document templates for ONE STATION for 365 days.
Your price:

€ 59.95 / year



The AdBiller advertisements will be removed from the Broadcast report and invoice document templates for ONE STATION for one month.
Your price:

€ 29.95/ month


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